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Sold between individuals!
Ferdinando "Risparmiati 33.000 € di commissioni"
"Abbiamo venduto la nostra casa in Liguria in 7 mesi"
Pompeiana | 22/02/2019

Cercando in internet siamo venuti a conoscenza di questo nuovo sistema di vendita tra privati e così abbiamo preso contatti per saperne di più.
Non possiamo che essere soddisfatti di esserci affidati ad immo-neo, perchè in soli 7 mesi dalla pubblicazione, abbiamo trovato gli acquirenti per la nostra casa in Liguria.
Sicuramente quel che ha fatto la differenza è stata la struttura dell'annuncio, con molti dettagli utili a chi cerca per capire fin da subito se il bene può interessare oppure no. Il team di immo-neo ci ha dato un ottimo supporto, con accoglienza e cordialità ogni qual volta ci è servito e lo abbiamo già consigliato a chi ci ha chiesto informazioni e consigli per vendere casa. Grazie!

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Rented between individuals!
Mr Panzarino testifies (Italy)
Milano | 08/01/2014

"Each property is presented differently and with a lot of information. I was surprised of your professionnalism regarding the presentation of the property, both inside and outside as well as the context in which the owner is set. Congratulations for the extremely good work that you do, I often visit your website to see the latest news and I always stand there gaping. I say hello to the whole team and good job." Vincenzo 

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Sold between individuals!
Testimony of Ms. Patouillard
Mougins | 03/01/2014

"Testimony of Ms. Patouillard available soon"

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Sold between individuals!
René yvon
Testimony of Mrs. & Mr. Pottier
Antibes | 02/01/2014

"We struggled to sell our house and we had real-neo. Yes, we struggled a lot but this was before you know. Thank you to Sebastien Vidal and his team Our greetings, RG Pottier "

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Sold between individuals!
Mrs Faraco testifies
Antibes | 02/12/2013

"Thanks to your team I sold my house very quickly. The real estate agencies were not so optimist and the visits were rare. As soon as I put my house on, visits were more qualified and numerous. Thank you for your dynamism, for being faithful during the whole process. Other villa owners in my residence called you since that, we are all unanimous about your efficiency.Continue like this. Catherine Faraco"

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Sold between individuals!
Testimony of Mr Daran
Cannes | 25/11/2013

"Thanks to the Immo-Neo team was very professional and responsive. Pictures of very good quality, 3D drawings, the description detailed were a + to sell our apartment, it has brought us many visits. Sebastien and his team have always listening to our summers and very professional. The concept is really innovative and I really encourage people who wish to sell their apartments and houses to appeal to Sincerely, Martin"

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Sold between individuals!
Mr. Ghibaudo testifies
Antibes | 29/10/2013

"I want to thank for their professionnalism because very quickly after their intervention to put my apartment online, everything went so fast. Many serious persons visited the apartment thanks to the website and especially thanks to the sign put on the balcony was determining in my case. I think that real estate agencies fees are a huge brake  for real estate transactions, this is why private sales, assisted by a solid and serious structure like can only give trust to the potential acquierers. I really advice to call on because I think that one cannot be disappointed. Thank you again."

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Sold between individuals!
Testimony of Mr. Biagioni
Saint-Laurent-du-Var | 29/10/2013

"The services offered by really highlighted my apartment. The picture quality, the attention to shots and especially the development of simulations living rooms have allowed buyers to project more concretely in the apartment. 3-D plans are also an asset to view each piece, understand their size and possible furniture. Thus, having struggled sometimes with independent people , silicates, if not more ... Contacts were better targeted, better informed visitors were more interested, which has quickly lead to a successful conclusion with a helping heart. therefore I recommend the Neo-Realty team. com is hyper responsive, available, and pro sympa.Je want a good dice the development team and the concept developed by Sebastian for both sellers and buyers who find their account each for the benefit of the real estate market. "

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Sold between individuals!
Mr Collomba testifies
Cannes | 24/09/2013

"We would like to thank you for the efficiency of your enabled us to sell our apartment in Cannes. Happy buyers and sellers, everything in a record time ! I wish long life to your innovative concept that gives dynamism to a real estate activity that needs it ! Thank you again."


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Sold between individuals!
Témoignage de Mme Priotton
Pégomas | 13/09/2013

"Double experience with sale of a house in Biot and an apartment in Pégomas. Sébastien and Mathieu talked to us about the concept. Pay to sell a property can seem useless, but after several months of commercialisation without any offer, we said why not ! team came to take pictures, real professional pictures that really highlight the property and a good description without forgetting the 2D plans. The visits were qualified (less waste of time and energy for the sellers and acquierers) and the visitors found (according to them) that the property presented on the website was looking exactly alike the real property they visited. And just like magic several months after, we sold our property. The positive points of team: Dynamism - rigour - kindness - professionalism - reactivity - availability - advice and... high quality pictures. To conclude, I do not regret my "investment" and my "experience" with that I highly recommend without fear. Sébastien and Mathieu, we would like to thank you again, continue and again good job for this new concept that perfectly works."

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